AATSP is currently not meeting.

AATSP of ND account closed in December 2015. Balance of $752.48 was sent to the National Office b Susan Devine. her notes say the funds will be returned when the ND chapter becomes active again.

The National Spanish Exam checking account of $160.85 was also closed and funds were also sent to the National Office. Susan's notes also say that these funds will be returned when the chapter is once again active.

There are three folders of information available. Jeanne Rodriguez, Past President, AATSP

3 officers - must be paid AATSP members $65.00/year


Vice President


Chapter membership must have a minimum of 10 paid members

AATSP National Office

2100 1st Ave N St 320

Landmark Center

Birmingham, AL 35203-4213

205-506-0600 (phone)

205-855-0600 (fax)