The Herb Boswau Memorial Scholarship

The Herb Boswau Memorial Scholarship first became available in 2016 after many years of fundraising to reach a endowment status. The award is named for Herb Boswau who was a German professor at UND, a founding member of FLAND, a former FLAND president and strong proponent of having FLAND members attend national conferences.

The following explains the eligibility and application process.

  • The application is due July 1st. By August1st the applicants will receive notification of the recipient and that person has until September 1st to accept or decline the award. If declined, the second candidate will be notified.

  • The award is not intended to be used for personal travel, study abroad programs, master programs or continuing education courses. The Central States Conference and ACTFL are the intended destinations, as well as a national AAT conference.

  • Fill out the application form including points system page. Send to: Faye Miller

Awarding money for the Herb Boswau Memorial Scholarship

  1. The purpose of this Award is to promote attendance at Regional and National Foreign Language Conferences by providing financial assistance to help cover travel expenses.

  2. An award of $500 shall be made available each school year.

  3. The due date for the application will be July 1 of the school year prior to the intended travel.

  4. The Chair of the Herb Boswau Committee will receive the applications and share them with the other committee members. The committee will review the applications and determine the recipient.

  5. The applicants will be notified by August 1st who is going to be the recipient of the cash award. The recipient must accept the award by September 1.

  6. A point system shall be used to determine the person who shall receive the funds. A recipient of the funds will not be eligible again for 7 years.

Point system for determining how to disperse funds.

  1. 1 point for every year of FLAND membership

  2. 3 points for every FLAND conference attended in the past five calendar years

  3. 1 point for every year served on a FLAND committee

  4. 4 points for every year served in the Presidential rotation: Second President Elect, First President Elect, President, Past President

  5. 3 points for every year served as secretary/treasurer of FLAND

  6. 3 points for every year served as editor or co-editor of the FLAND News

  7. 3 points for every year served as Webmaster or social media person

  8. 3 points for every year served as a president of an AAT

  9. 2 points for every year served as secretary and/or treasurer of an AAT

  10. 4 points for each time the candidate presented at a FLAND conference

  11. 1 point for each year that the candidate participated in the fundraising efforts

  12. 1 point for each year that the candidate promoted foreign languages by having students participate in the FLAND sponsored student contest.

  13. 1 point for each year serving as a mentor to a student teacher or a beginning teacher/colleague

  14. 2 points for other activiites - explain these activities such as obtaining a grant for FLAND activities

Application & Point System