Nominate Sister Helen Kilzer Lifetime Service Award

Do you know someone who has dedicated much of their lives to the area of Foreign Language?

Applications must be submitted by (postmarked by) May 1.

Applications shall consist of:

Submission of the Application Materials:

A copy of the documentation must be submitted to the committee chairperson who will distribute the materials to the other committee members.

Please email 2022 applications to: Ashley Mikkelsen

Eligible Candidate:

Eligible candidates include anyone who has previously served in the field of world language teaching and learning in any state and who has since retired from the profession yet continues to actively demonstrate a commitment to developing and promoting awareness within the field of world language teaching and learning in North Dakota

During their teaching careers, eligible candidates must have had some involvement in FLAND or the professional organization in their state. Retired teachers are granted free lifetime membership in FLAND, but current membership is not necessary in order to be considered for this honor.

Retired teachers who serve as substitute teachers, whether short term or long term, are eligible for the award.

Candidates may not serve on the selection committee in the same year they are determined to be possible recipients of the award.

Click Here for details of the award in its entirety.

Committee Members: Past three presidents