Responsibilities of Officers

Foreign Language Association of North Dakota (FLAND)

I. Responsibilities of Officers

A. President

  1. Chair all meetings using Robert's Rules of Order (current edition)

  2. Keep in contact with all officers

  3. Check on organization of fall and spring meetings, work witht he local arrangements chair and the First President Elect

  4. Create an agenda and supply copies for all members at meetings and send by email to members of the executive board prior to the meeting date

  5. Provide copies of FLAND job descriptions and FLAND Constitution to all officers and committee chairs

  6. Send thank you notes and congratulatory cards as needed

  7. Write President's Message for the FLAND newsletter (deadlines are September 1 and February 1.)

  8. Have basic knowledge of JNCL-NCLIS, ACTFL, Pro-Lingua Award, Sister Helen Kilzer Award, and Graciela Wilborn (Teacher of the Year) Award

  9. Inform the Advisory Board of agenda and meeting time and place

  10. Serve as chair person of the executive board

  11. Keep receipt of all expenses and turn in to the treasurer at end of term

  12. Pass on the President's folder and gavel to the incomign president at spring meeting

  13. Appoint chair and committees following the spring meeting or as a need arises

  14. Secure a local contact person for the school (NDEA) meeting and for the spring conference (once an invitation has been made)

B. First President-Elect

  1. Serve as a member of the executive board

  2. Secure presenters for the fall (NDEA) meeting and the spring conference

    1. Contact speakers early

    2. Discuss: speaking fees, airfare, honorarium/gift, hotel room and meals, photocopy costs

    3. Keep in contact with the speaker via email

    4. Provide for the necessary technology needs, contact the local arrangements person

    5. Arrange transportation to and from airport for speaker

    6. Make arrangements with the speaker for free time needs

  3. Meet all NDEA deadlines for fall conference

    1. Complete the NDEA budge sheet (usually an April 1 deadline)

    2. Hand out NDEA sign up sheets for each session

  1. Prepare a timetable for the meetings including:

    1. Session(s) by main

    2. FLAND executive meeting

    3. FLAND business meeting

    4. AAT separate sessions

    5. Coffee breaks

  1. Meet the FLAND newsletter deadlines for the schedule of events, registration form, and promotion of the event

  2. Plan a FLAND social at discretion of the FLAND board

  3. Purchase and present a gift to the outgoing FLNAD president at the spring meeting, give receipt to treasurer

  4. Keep all receipts of expenses

  5. Serve as a member of the executive board

  6. Notify ACTFL and Central States Convention publications fo the dates of the fall and spring meetings as soon as the dates are set

  7. Pass on all materials to the incomign officer

C. Second President-Elect

  1. Serve as a member of the executive board

  2. Begin looking for presenters for the fall meeting and talk with the First President Elect

  3. Perform all duties as directed by the President

  4. Pass on all materials pertaining to the Second President-Elect to incoming officer

D. Secretary

  1. Serve as a member and secreaty of the executive board

  2. Keep the minutes of FLAND executive board meetings and business meetings of the group

  3. Submit copies of minutes to the FLAND newsletter editor for publication

  4. Keep all receipts of expenses

  5. Serve a to year term of office

E. Treasurer

  1. Serve as a member of the executive board.

  2. Keep the financial records of FLAND

  3. Handle the registration at the meetings - fall and spring

  4. Provide a list of the FLAND members to participants at meetings including name, address, school, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

  5. Inform members - throug the newsletter - of dues deadlines

  6. Pay all FLAND bills including:

    1. JNCL-NCLIS advocacy dues

    2. ACTFL dues

  7. Transfer name authorization for banking, savings, CD accounts upon taking office - 2012 all located in Minot, ND

  8. Submit copies of minutes and financial reports to the FLAND newsletter editor for publication

  9. Keep all receipts of expenses

  10. Serves a two year term of office

F. Past President

  1. Serve as chairperson for the Pro-Lingua Award committee

  2. Meet the FLAND newsletter deadlines

  3. Keep receipts of expenses

G. Local arrangements Chair for state meetings

  1. Work in close contact with the First President Elect and President

  2. Select a local committee to help work on the meeting items

  3. Serve as liaison to the NDEA and the guest speaker

    1. This may require necessary paperwork to be filed with the NDEA in the spring

  4. Check the First President Elect for technology needs of the presenters

  5. Secure a person to be on hand for technology issues during the meeting

  6. Arrange for the local place for the meeting, NDEA meeting will set the location but the spring meeting will be determined by the local contact Chair

  7. Have tables and chairs ready for registration table, displays, silent auction

  8. Set up the area for coffee breaks, have supplies ready, make purchases and keep receipts to be turned in to treasurer

  9. Arrange rooms for the general session, FLAND business meeting and separate rooms for the AAT sessions (French, German, Latin, Native Languages, Spanish)

  10. Label rooms and include a map if necessary at the registration table

  11. In discussion with the President, provide for door prizes throughout the meetings

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